by Metropix

sees it as its mission to bring you an expanding portfolio of vintage-flavor Hawaiian gifts and island decor products, such as vintage art prints that fit your concept of island-style living. Our collection of rare vintage Hawaiian images from Hawaii's glory years between 1900-1970 started many years ago in Amsterdam, where I purchased my first vintage Hawaiian shirt. Currently, some 500 different vintage images reprinted with archival inks on heavyweight paper comprise the collection. They're fun, classy, colorful or sepia-toned and have been hung by many a real estate agent or interior decorator to help sell multi-million dollar homes. Framed, they will add a florish of tropical decor to your home or business.

We buy and sell original antique collector's items, and publish fine Giclée art prints of vintage Hawaiian menu covers by Frank Macintosh, John Kelly and Gill, Hawaiian sheet music covers, Hawaiian product labels, destination Hawaii travel posters, Hawaiian book covers, and Hawaiian hotel and travel agency brochure covers. Our images center around the rare, unique, and hard to find Hawaiiana images--in short, those treasures Hawaiian culture as a destination inspired artists the world over. We aim to provide you with historical information about the heritage of our images and the proper facts about our other products.

As you can deduct from the above, with a purchase at Hawaiian Days you buy old-fashioned quality. The incomparable quality of our products comes at a fair price. Read what Hawaiian Days' customers are saying about us. Mo' Hawaii, mo' Aloha!

The Team at Hawaiiian Days