This is the page our team is very proud of! Several of our customers were kind enough to send us their reaction after receiving their items or dealing with our Customer Service. If you have something nice to say we love to hear from you. If not, email us anyway so we may improve our approach to doing business.

For answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions please, visit the FAQ page. If you wonder why you'd give us your trust and hard-earned money, read this. Oh, and we're totally human-powered! If you email us, expect a fast reply. If you call us, expect a real person.

'Aloha Rudolf! I have two other framed posters and we are thrilled with them. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.' --Sherry

'Thank you again Rudolf for all your help.  I found your site by searching "koa wood frames" and you were at the top of the list.  I did check some of your competitors and they seemed to either have smaller 1" frames or they were veneer frames.  I really appreciate the time you spent with me and all my many questions you answered.' --John

'Aloha Rudolf, Here are a couple of pictures of the posters... they really make a wonderful impact on our home.  Thank you again for all of your help and for your quality Hawaiian products. Mahalo nui loa!!!!' --Sherry

'Hello Rudolf, I just wanted to let you know that we received the new order and they look perfect! Thank you again for all of your help! Aloha.' --Kelly

'Dear Hawaiian Days, I picked up the poster from the post office to day. Every thing looks fine. Last October I was in the Honolulu airport and saw your display. The poster I wanted was not available, so I wrote down your web site address and ordered on line.' --Dave

'I received my matted prints and they are lovely. I am very happy with the quality and service. Many thanks!' --Diana

'Hello Rudolf. I wanted to let you know that I received the frame/portrait on Friday. The frame is beautiful and I know that we will enjoy this special portrait.' --Michelle

'I looked up "solid koa wood frames" and found your site. I did look at a couple other sites but chose you. I just left Hawaii and they were out of frames at the gallery.' --Lisa

'I searched online for 'bamboo curtains'.  I looked at competitors but I liked the quality and selection of your products better.' --Sarah

Aloha. I'm from Lanikai and have shopped you before.' --Steven

'aloha! they look great thx' --Jon

'Aloha, I just wanted to send and email saying Mahalo so much for the quick order.  I was really surprised to have received it so quickly.  Mahalo for the great bamboo curtain, I am impressed with how well it looked and most of all how amazing it looks now that I hung it in the spot that I needed it for.  Thank you again for a great product and great service.' --Donna

'I received the items yesterday and everything looks fantastic. Thanks again!' -- Chris

'Thank you for your promptness on this matter. I think this speaks highly of you and your business. Loved the Ocean Palm bamboo curtain.' -- Coach

'I have received the package and am very pleased. Mahalo for a great transaction. I have added your site to my favorites and will be back for future purchases. I believe that I used the keywords "Hawaiian shell bracelet" to find your site. We were in Hawaii in November and my wife liked that bracelet and so I searched the web to find it for her as a Christmas present. We look forward to future visits to your wonderful land. Mahalo & Mele Kalikimaka!' -- Jeff

'Hey I received the paddle. It looks great. Thanks much!' -- Steve

'We received the prints Wednesday. They look great! Thanks so much for the great customer service. All the best.' --Beth

'I visited your website finding all those beautiful posters that i just had to buy. I was amazed, I never realized that they would even have that online but i am so happy that you do. The last time I was in Hawaii was with a college summer school program, and they wouldn't let us return wtih too much, so I was so happy that I could find these posters online, Thank you so much mahalo.' --Shannon

'It was really terrific to have found your website on the web. You have a wonderful array of nostalgic posters/images.' --Amanda

'We have received our shipment and are very pleased with the prints. Thank you!' --Jean

'Your web site has inspired me to go to Hawaii in December, so I am searching for hotels now!! Looking forward to my print. Have a wonderful day.' --Michelle

'I received the prints and they are beautiful.' --Cheryl

'I loved shopping online. At first I was looking for some photography posters of my good ol' Hawaii Nei , but came across your vintage posters. I fell in love immediately! Mahalo.' --Vanessa

'I love the two prints that I received!!!!' --Lisa

'Hi. I saw your prints in the Honolulu airport, but did not buy anything then. I wrote down the web address and that is how I found you! The website is nice and has a good selection.' --Audrey

'Thanks for getting back with on the status of my order so quickly, it is quite refreshing to deal with a business or someone who returns emails so promptly (now if only my order could get to me in that same time frame).' --J. M.

'When I want some more I will be sure to come back to you! Thanks so much for all your help!' --Keenan

'I just wanted to let you know that we received the prints and frames in the post yesterday. They look perfect! We now just have to decide how and where to hang them - well worth the wait. Thank you for following up with me. We will be sure to come to you for any additional vintage Hawaiian prints in our future ... Many thanks again!' --Brita

'I received my order. The prints are beautiful! Thank you.' --Gail

'Thank you I received both shipments and I am most pleased! Thanks!' --Cristina

'Received the posters today. Love them! Will be ordering again soon!' -- April

'Thank you for the follow-up. I think you have a great collection of prints--more variety and greater quality work than you find at most of the poster sites. I look forward to receiving the print! Many thanks.' --Shannon

'We received the print today. It is beautiful! I can't wait to frame it and hang it up. It will look perfect in our room that we did in a tropical theme. Thank you so much for your cooperation' --Elizabeth

'Our poster just arrived! Lots of 'Oohs' and 'Ahs' from the art dept. Much mahalo to you.' --Michael

'The posters were a hit. My friend really likes them and she was figuring out where to hang them when I left.' --Russ

'We've found your service to be very gracious, and we appreciate the way in which you have accommodated our concerns. We will gladly recommend your company to others. Thanks again.' --Chris and Leslie

'I discovered your company while on holiday on Kauai this spring. I didn't want to buy them there and drag them home, so I took down the webpage and did my shopping from home! It was very easy. I look forward to my prints! I was born in Hawaii, so it revives good memories for me.' --Shannon

'I was so happy to find you. These prints (menus) hold many childhood memories for me. I found one on a trip to Maui last summer and have been searching the internet to find the last!' --Terrie

'Thank you. I just got the poster in the mail today (in time for Christmas) and I think my wife will absolutely love it. Have a good holiday season. Maholo!' --Tim

'I found you on the internet via a friend who grew up in Hawaii. She had given me a gift last year for Christmas, and I needed a similar picture to go with the one she gave me. The options you had were numerous and made my decision diffuclt. This is a good thing and I will recommend you to all my surfing buddies. Its nice to find out that there is actually a person on the other end of your company. Thanks for the great service.' --Paul

'Thank you for your response. I heard about you via a search for vintage prints on the internet. I was trying to get some prints I had seen while in Hawaii. I did go into other sites....and after much thought, decided to go with you. I am pleased with my purchase. Thank you.' --Diane

'I love your site and the large amount of artwork you have to choose from. I have ordered from you in the past. The pictures suit my decor perfectly. I didn't think I'd ever find anything like this. Thanks again.' --Sandy

'Hello. Thank you for letting me know about my order. I found out about your website by searching on Yahoo for Koa frames. I probably looked at about 5 other sites before your website. Your website was the best organized, most professional looking and you had the best selection of frames. I have found the service to be excellent. I was notified after I placed the order and when the order was shipped. I am very pleased so far. Thank you! ' --Cyndi

'Thank you for your prompt reply to my order. I was looking specifically for old 1940's menus from the Mattson line (SS Lurline). I found it quite simple to order by mail. Am old enough to have actually sailed on the SS Lurline just before the war---father stationed at Pearl when the Japanese attacked) Anyway, I have several old menus, but since I gave many to my begging sister I wanted to have prints of all of them. Wish you luck with great business success in these difficult times. Again, thanks.' --Jillian

'My daughter typed in on google, Retro Hawaiian Fabric, BarkCloth Hawaii came up and you were on the bottom of the site. Your site was easy enough for my 12 year old daughter to navigate and order off of. Thank you for your prompt reply, --Cathy

'Thank you so much. We did receive the prints today and they are perfect. thank you for taking care of the poster.' --Leanne

'One of the first impressions that I had of you as a businessman was the care that you extended over a tiny purchase. Truly this pays off. Keep it up.'.--Jaimie

'I absolutely loved your merchandise..I am currently redoing a pool house - that is the reason for the rush... I was happily surprised that you accepted paypal, I think it makes online purchasing so easy. Let me know if I need to send more $ for rush I know that can be more expensive.' --Julie

'I found you by surfing Yahoo. The print I bought turned out beautifully.' --Julie

'If you're a Hawaii nostalgia buff this is the site for you. It's also a great place to shop for gifts -- after all, what's not to like about something from Hawaii? I'm staying tuned.' --Maya

'I loved using your web site. I love the artist 'Gill' and I found that you had the best variety of vintage art. I was very excited to find all of your posters on line! I thought your prices were reasonable and the purchasing was very easy. Thank you!' --Robbie

'Thanks! - mistakes are bound to happen but good customer service is a rare thing to find these days. I appreciate it!' --Mike

'I received my package on Friday. It looks great and my sun-deprived pal in PA will love it. Thanks'. --Janette

'I found you on the internet via a friend who grew up in Hawaii. She had given me a gift last year for Christmas, and I needed a similar picture to go with the one she gave me. The options you had were numerous and made my decision difficult. This is a good thing and I will recommend you to all my surfing buddies. Its nice to find out that there is actually a person on the other end of your company. Thanks for the great service.' --Paul

'Thank you for your response. I heard about you via a search for vintage prints on the internet. I was trying to get some prints I had seen while in Hawaii. I did go into other sites....and after much thought, decided to go with you. I am pleased with my purchase. Thank you.' --Diane

'Hello - As luck would have it, I arrived at work after speaking to you this afternoon, and my prints had arrived today! I am very pleased with my items, they look great in the room and I will definitely add to my collection soon. Thank you for your quick response today! Take care.' --Laurel

'Thanks - They've arrived, and are wonderful. The people who've been in my office have already begun to comment on them. Lovely items.' --Judy

'My order arrived today and I am very pleased with the photograph. I can't believe I got it all the way from Hawaii so quickly. Hawaii seems a very, very long way away from the United Kingdom. Here in Scotland, it rains all the time; it is pouring with rain right now. I play steel guitar and ukulele in a Hawaiian-style band (there aren't very many in Scotland - in fact we're the only one!). We've got a gig tonight so the picture of the Hawaiian girl with her ukulele will get me in the mood.' --John

'I was referred to search for your page by a friend. I think the page is set up great. Good quality images of your products so that the consumer can get a good feel for what he/she has purchased. Mahalo Nui.' --John

'Aloha. Just searched keyword 'vintage Hawaiian posters' to find you. Had to go through a few different sites, but you had the best selection by far. Mahalo.' --Scott

'The pictures just arrived and they are totally fabulous. I just love them. They will go so well with the others I selected. The frames are so wonderful. They are the best bamboo I have seen. Thanks so much.' --Pam

'I was looking for Hawaii Clipper pictures and your Website came up. You guys have one of the best collections I've seen and believe me I looked. Thanks and Regards.' --MaryAnn

'Thank you for the amazing products you offer. Thanks again and I will continue to shop with Hawaiian Days.' --Jeffrey

'Aloha... The bamboo-framed John Kelly illustration is exquisite. Mahalo... If it is not too late would you be able to frame the other three prints in natural bamboo as well? Mahalo piha.' --Louise

'Thank you very much... You definitely have the best customer service of any web retailer I have ever dealt with....I will be doing future business with you and I will recommend you to all my wife's hawaiian family that live here in Idaho... Thanks again.' --Chris

'I got your info from a display at the airport in Honolulu. I bid online for months for the original Savage menus, scoured the island for little shops that might have originals, and then saw a small display at the airport while waiting for my flight home. I couldn't believe my luck!' --Stacey

'I just received my koa framed Kelly prints and they were well worth the wait. Dealing with your company has been a pleasure. I look forward to doing more business with you. Your work brings me such good memories of my time spent on the islands. Thanks again for your excellent work.' --Larry

'Very high quality merchandise, and an excellent response time on filling order! Very pleased!' --Colleen

'Thanks for taking care of this matter, it is nice to see some people still think customer service is important. Thanks & Mahalo. --Ana

'Working with you is always a pleasure; I always learn something when I visit the site, love looking at the images and know the quality of all your products is the highest.' --Tess

'The man I dealt with in this company, Rudolf Helder, is especially considerate and helpful.' --Gary

'we enjoy your product so much that we took it as gifts on a recent trip to Europe. It made it very easy to bring an unusual gift at a reasonable price. We gave the website address to our friends to purchase directly in the future.' --Brigitte

'The owner is aces. Great to deal with and his site is on my favorites list.' --Bruce

'What a pleasure! The site is a visual treat and very easy to navigate with a product that is high quality and reasonably priced. I'm a fan.' --Susan

'Website is organized very well - very easy to browse through the selections. Owner was very accomodating to all our needs and went WAY out of his way to make it a great and painless experience. Very, very good company.' --Jerry

'Great site found by accident----I will certainly purchase gifts for my Hawaii (born and raised) husband.' --MaryBeth

(...from one of our resellers...)
'You are an excellent source for posters and matted prints . Just what I need for my Bamboo picture framing business. Thank you.' --Patrick

'You've got some great images on your site and some nice CDs too. Aloha.' --David

(...and, when you need it fast...)
'Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! The first email receipt I received said 7 days, but your email put a big smile on my face with a sigh of relief! Thanks!' --Monica

'I really enjoyed shopping your site and look forward to shopping again and again. Thank you.' --Sandy

'You have such a nice website!' --Jill

'Received the two koa frames the other day. Many thanks for the prompt delivery.' --Ruby

'Rudolf, pleasure doing business with you. Overall a great experience.' --Mr. Brown

'I must say your customer service is wonderful! I love your website. Thank you again.' --Mrs. Anderson

'I found you thru ''. I liked it. I didn't find the collection you offer anywhere else. Thank you.' --Michele

'I'm quite flattered and impressed that you went ahead and made those improvements. Even more impressed of your ability to get it done so quickly. I printed out about 30 prints that I liked, and my wife also liked them all. Should be interesting to see how many we place in our shopping cart. Have a great weekend.' --Jerry

'I enjoyed the memorabilia at your site. When we finish our new house I would enjoy ordering some for our decor. I have a number of old Polynesian items and furniture. Mahalo nui loa' --Terry

'Aloha, I've been looking at your site and you have some great product!' --Bob

'Aloha. We actually have many of the prints you offer in our home already and LOVE them! Aloha,' --Mike

'Thank you so much for following up. I purchased one of your orginal posters for my husband for our 1st anniversary. We were very impressed with the framing and quality of the product...we are interested in perhaps purchasing another in the near future...I will check out your website to see what you have available...currently we have the one depicting Captain Cooks landing on the islands... Thanks Again' --Lisa

'I had the pleasure of seeing your wonderful catalog and would like to talk to you about utilizing some of your Hawaiian Art. The Navy Exchange is currently looking at enlarging achive photos, magazine covers, book covers and historical photos for display in the various departments at the new Navy Exchange. If you are interested in providing any information about the usage of your beautiful images please e-mail or call me. Mahalo,' --Kevin

'Wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your site. I have several Mundorff prints and my sister has nearly a whole set of the old Ocean Navigation Company menus.' --Kathleen

'Thanks for your confirmation. I loved your website & products' --Mariann