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346: Poster and a Hawaiian advertisement for the "American Sanitary Laundry Ltd. Est. 1900. The largest dry cleaning & dyeing plant in Hawaii." Hawaiian Label. Ca. 1936.
In our humble opinion, having sourced, and painstakingly cleaned up and restored hundreds of vintage Hawaiian posters, photos, prints, and other images, a rare specimen such as this nostalgic Hawaiian image works very well in any environment, either contemporary, traditional, or commercial, either as pop art, surf culture, aloha spirit, or fine art. Properly framed, a Hawaiian nostalgia image such as this vinatge-inspired poster works equally well as a serious or as a whimsical accent in your family room and will match your living room furniture and decor surprisingly well.

14 x 28 inch Poster $49.95
10 x 20 inch Poster $39.95
The vintage Hawaiian image on the left is also available in other sizes, in standard or deluxe quality, matted or unmatted, framed or unframed, from our brand new Hawaiian tropical art decor website.
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