164: Hula Girl

Matchbox Cover, Nineteen Thirties.

Looking for a great hula print? This is a lovely image of a silhouetted Hula Girl leaning against a palmtree in a field of midnight blue. Please note that due to extreme amplification from a tiny image every flaw of the original (matchboxes weren't printed with highest quality technology) will be visible when viewed up close or purchased in the largest sizes. However, since this is such a great image we decided to go ahead. Indeed, this is all vintage stuff, and has to be appreciated for what it was, not to be compared to present-day state-of-the-art printing. Still, your prints are produced with archival-quality inks on heavyweight paper and are guaranteed not to fade for over 80 years, if kept behind glass and out of direct sunlight.

20 x 28 inch Poster on Paper $49.95
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16 x 20 inch Poster on Paper $39.95
16 x 20 inch Poster on Canvas $69.95
The vintage Hawaiian image on the left is also available in other sizes, in standard or deluxe quality, matted or unmatted, framed or unframed, from our brand new Hawaiian tropical art decor website.
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