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Dolphins—what's their not to love about them? Apart from their meat... Wait! We're not talking about fish here, but about mammals with brains, language, and an adorable smile. Okay. Got it? Got it.

That's right, folks. Dolphins are one of our nearest cousins in the mammalian kingdom and I can attest that my cousin Toni swims like one too. That should account for something, but what do dolphins do that we can? Good question and there lies the rub as there are countless stories about the multiple times dolphins saved a human life. So we owe them, and as a way to pay forward we offer this beaded bamboo room divider for your consideration. Buy it, hang it, and use it as a bargaining point if you ever end up in the water and need to negotiate a good outcome. Your conscience will be clean with one of our dolphin bamboo curtains in your doorway, bedroom wall, kid's room, and what have you. Act now, while the humans are still in charge of this world. Down under we're not quite the ones with bragging rights, so put a smile on a dolphin's face today.

Our bamboo room dividers make a great gift as they're possibly the simplest solution to transforming a room quickly and inexpensively. Buy one, two, or a whole container and we'll be smiling too.

Aside from simply hanging your bamboo beaded curtain in front of or behind a doorway you can also use it as a room divider, or on the wall behind the bed, or to cover up storage areas. These bamboo doorway beads are made of hundreds of small pieces of bamboo, each one hand-painted 360 degrees, so that they look great from both sides and at any angle. 

Made from natural and renewable resources

This bamboo fly curtain has 90-96 strands (depending on thickness of bamboo). 'Strand count' indicates the number of bamboo bead strands from one side of the curtain to the other. Our competition may offer lower strand count at a lower price, but the details of the design will be compromised.   Measurements are 36" wide by approx. 78" high (standard door size). Curtains come fully assembled and ready to hang. A word about handmade items: due to the natural materials used, variances in length and thickness of the bamboo beads, paints used, or lengths at which these bamboo door beads are cut, chances are that no two are exactly alike. Also, keep in mind that ambient light conditions and computer monitor settings may have an effect on image perception. Lastly, bamboo curtains are made of loose hanging strands and have a degree of transparancy that varies based on the amount of light behind them. A dark closet will be somewhat obscured, but if you turn the light on in the closet the curtain will let you see through. Tip: when hanging it on a white wall, hang a same size sheet of dark/black color behind it for better contrast.
(Not available in HI, AK, VI, and PR)

bamboo bead curtain with sea turtles orcas and dolphins bamboo hanging turtles bamboo curtain with diamond head bamboo curtain with bamboo
bamboo curtain with diamond head bamboo curtain with diamond head
bamboo curtain with diamond head bamboo curtain with Woody near beach painted bamboo curtain with pineapple bamboo door beads with white tiger bamboo curtain with diamond head
bamboo curtain with diamond head Bamboo Bead Curtain with Parrot
bamboo curtain with diamond head bamboo curtain with diamond head bamboo curtain with diamond head bamboo curtain with diamond head
bamboo decor room divider palmtree on bamboo beads bamboo curtain with diamond head