Naturally, if there were a paradise on earth every minstrel in the world would sing about it...

In fact, throughout the ages minstrels have done exactly that, waxing lyrical about promised lands wherever they lay. When such a paradise by the name Hawaii actually turned out to exist every crooner from Harry Owens and Bing Crosby to Elvis Presley dedicated a song or two to her.

Our sheet music covers offer a glimpse into the talents of those that sung the virtues of Hawaii in all its splendor, either real or imagined–as some titles are so outrageous one seriously doubts the inspired songwriter ever set foot on Hawaii soil.

Nevertheless, with titles going as far back as the early twenties sheet music has gathered serious appeal with the collector of Hawaiian nostalgia. Several times in the last century, a 'Hawaiian Craze' swept the nation and every sheet music publisher tried to cash in by releasing 'Hawaiian' songs, and nearly every songwriter in America tried his hand at tunes with a pseudo-Hawaiian theme.  The resulting songs often had silly lyrics in an attempt to mimic the Hawaiian language. Many an established artist, from Al Jolson to Bing Crosby, and from Maurice Chevalier to Elvis Presley  had at least one 'Hawaiian' song in their repertoire. In order to keep up with the Hawaiian 'fad' Hawaiian publishers couldn't stay behind and published their own share of phony 'Hawaiian' songs.

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