Since the annexation of Hawaii in 1898 the islands have been promoted by travel agencies as the perfect vacation destination. Editorial issues, cruise line posters, airline posters, brochures, and other travel industry publications soon competed for consumers with lavishly illustrated materials. Unfortunately, by the very nature of these products, few have survived. Those that did are sought after by collectors the world over as testimony to a period when traveling itself received romantic status.

The increase in travel also marks one of America's most prolific chapters as it lead to innovative design in shipbuilding and later in airplane manufacturing.

Those days, feeding the growing market of vacation travel with images was often left to art directors and illustrators with little first-hand knowledge of Hawaii. Hence, a great deal of what we now call Hawaiiana derives its charm from the sentimental pretensions that once infused an entire industry.

When Hollywood began distributing its own versions of Hawaii culture bad taste was added to the confusing notion of what the real Hawaii is all about...

At Hawaiian Days we trade in original prints from the early 1900's through the Sixties, as well as in digital reprints of the same period. Although the quality and condition of the originals may vary, our digital reprints are produced using Giclée fine art reproduction printing technology combined with highly fading-resistant archival inks (guaranteed to last without noticeable fading for at least 80 years!) on heavyweight art papers (or canvas). Each original image has been lovingly restored to what we believe is its original luster. For the sake of standard size matting, framing, and modern taste most, if not all, images have undergone subtle modifications. All images, in their present appearance are © 1999 Metropix

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